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Brand means business...

Small businesses deserve success just as much as big ones - and strategic branding is the way to get it.


A strong brand will help your business to punch above its weight, attract your ideal clients and compete on a whole new level.


But most small businesses don't have the time, budget or inclination to seek strategic support from a professional branding agency. 

Now, you don't have to. 

A professional brand strategist, storyteller, architect and guardian, with 25 years' industry experience gained in a dozen different countries, I've ditched big agency life to help small brands realise their big ambitions. 


My Big Picture Perspective

Want to know what a brand strategist does? (spoiler alert: no, I can't design your logo)

My work is all about the thinking and planning parts of your brand.
I look at the relationship between you, your business and its audiences, including your dreams and ambitions, your business model, your market, your competition and your opportunity to stand out.

Why? Because I know that a strong brand strategy, one built on solid foundations, drives greater IMPACT, builds deeper CONNECTIONS with your audiences and, ultimately, will give your small business the COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE it deserves. Fact. 

Support at
         every stage...

Owning a small business can be fulfilling and frustrating in equal measure. At every stage in your brand's journey, from its first tentative steps through to thriving maturity, constant change brings constant challenges and knowing what to do to stay on track can be tough.


That's why, I'm giving every ambitious small business easy access to the power of strategic branding. From quick-hit trainings & insights to deep-dive positioning programmes or bespoke projects, now you can get PRACTICAL, ON-POINT EXPERTISE IN YOUR POCKET!


First steps...

At the beginning of your journey, it's all about nailing your brand strategy - being crystal clear on the nature of your offer, the value it brings to your target audiences & how it will help you achieve your business goals.


Growing pains...

Once you're up & running,  coherence & consistency are key. particularly if you're working across multiple channels, growing a team or even building a family of brands to manage.


Thriving maturity...

As your business matures & grows, it becomes harder to avoid complacency & stay ahead of the game. As conditions change, you need to balance process and structure with the ability to flex and pivot if needed.

Change = Constant!

As your business matures, change remains constant.  Your brand strategy needs to balance structure with flex to support you as you face each new challenge.


Setting up a new business

Acquiring or selling an existing one

Changing direction or focus

Launching new products or services

Changing business model


Changing laws/regulations

Adapting to new trends

Tracking new entrants

Staying ahead of new competition

Expanding in new territories


Growing/changing your team 

Culture building

Attracting new partners/suppliers

Pitching for new investment

Targeting new audiences

Adapting to audience maturity

What People Say About Me (to my face at least!)

"Rachel's delivery style is really easy to understand.  I liked the simplicity of everything - especially the one page storyboard that I can keep coming back to to make sure my brand's on track"


Owner, Rebalancing You

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