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Is your business

Companies who align their business around inspired brand foundations are better at attracting talent, engaging clients and driving growth. Fact.

Inspiration is important.

Your brand isn't just about what people know or think about your business.

It's about how they feel about it too. 


By inspiring people's hearts & minds, you can attract greater interest, create stronger connection, encourage deeper loyalty &, ultimately, own a clearly defined territory that your competitors can't. See? I said it was important!

Inspirational businesses are built upon inspired core foundations.

White Brick Wall

So, what are Core Foundations?

Your core foundations are the answers to a set of critical questions about your business' intended DIRECTION, CONNECTION, IMPACT & VALUE.

They form the basis for your business brand strategy.

Typically, they come with a host of labels, such as purpose & vision, mission & manifesto, company values or key principles, market positioning & core value proposition... but what you call them doesn't matter.

What matters is the meaning.

Your core foundations form the hymn sheet your whole business sings to.


Huge companies have spent millions proving the commercial case for aligning businesses around core brand foundations (so you don't have to!).
Here are selected highlights of some recent studies. 

70% better sales

"What is Brand Equity"

67% more staff engagement

"Q12 Survey"

46% greater market share

"Meaningful Brands"

10% better performance

"The Case For Purpose"

3 X faster growth

"Purpose is Everything"

When to call me...

In a world where change is a constant, your core foundations need "fit & flex" - both to support sustainable growth & to ensure that people's perception of your business remains in sync with its reality. 

Whenever there has been, or is expected to be, change in your business, markets or audiences, it's time to check your core foundations remain relevant & compelling. 


Setting up a new business

Acquiring/selling an existing one

Changing direction or focus

Changing business model

Changing business strategy


Changing laws/regulations

Adapting to new trends

Staying ahead of competition

Expanding in new territories, products or services


Changes in leadership 

Culture building

Attracting new partners/suppliers

Targeting new audiences

Adapting to audience maturity


Multi-sector Experience

I've worked with clients of all sizes and sectors, mostly in Europe, Asia & the US.

The brands shown here have all commissioned me independently - they represent retail, professional services, entertainment, finance, technology, property & education. If you'd like to see more, I've also got 15+ years of international agency clients to share.

Now, I mostly work with founders of growing companies - who want to stop the marbles running in different directions, leverage the power of a focused, motivated team
and build their brand professionally in support of their strategic goals.

Mr Simms client logo for Rachel Vigers Brand Strategy
HelpTexts client logo for Rachel Vigers Branding
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Fresh Yard client logo for Rachel Vigers Branding
LessonsInLettings client logo for RachelVigers Branding
Megan Devine client logo for Rachel Vigers Branding
Peak client logo for Rachel Vigers Branding
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What People Say About Me

Mr Simms Sweet Shop, UK

Rachel has been advising the senior management team; she's been instrumental in developing our new brand strategy and marketing collateral. Couldn’t have done it without her.

former owner of Lloyd&, HKG

...a consistent source of inspired brand strategy blended expertly with sound commercial acumen. Rachel goes above and beyond any other strategist I've worked with to deliver tangible business benefits.


Rachel is truly one of a kind, a total powerhouse that can direct business and brands big and small around all things; strategy, brand, market entry and customer experience.

HelpTexts, US

We had a great experience working with Rachel to rethink & update our brand identity. Rachel was thoughtful and creative, while also being efficient with our time and quick with her turnarounds.

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