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Looking to level-up?

You'll want a brand strategist on your side.

One with the depth & breadth of experience you need.



Multi-sector Experience

I've worked with clients of all sizes and sectors in Europe, Asia & the US.

The brands shown here have all commissioned me independently - they represent retail, professional services, entertainment, finance, technology, property & education. If you'd like to see more, I've also got 15+ years of international agency clients to share. Whatever your sector, I'll get to grips with it in next to no time.

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When to call me...

Whenever there is change - whether real or desired.

To support sustainable growth, your business needs to adapt and evolve, so your brand strategy must balance structure with flex.

After all, change is the only constant you can rely on.


Setting up a new business

Acquiring/selling an existing one

Changing direction or focus

Launching new products or services

Changing business model


Changing laws/regulations

Adapting to new trends

Tracking new entrants

Staying ahead of new competition

Expanding in new territories


Changes in leadership / team 

Culture building

Attracting new partners/suppliers

Pitching for new investment

Targeting new audiences

Adapting to audience maturity

People say the nicest things!

Mr Simms Sweet Shop

Rachel has been advising the senior management team; she's been instrumental in developing our new brand strategy and marketing collateral. Couldn’t have done it without her.

former owner of Lloyd&

...a consistent source of inspired brand strategy blended expertly with sound commercial acumen. Rachel goes above and beyond any other strategist I've worked with to deliver tangible business benefits.


Rachel is truly one of a kind, a total powerhouse that can direct business and brands big and small around all things; strategy, brand, market entry and customer experience.


We had a great experience working with Rachel to rethink & update our brand identity. Rachel was thoughtful and creative, while also being efficient with our time and quick with her turnarounds.

Lessons in Lettings

It's been an absolute pleasure to work with you! I've been so impressed with the way you work, your attention to detail and just how quickly you understood me! You got everything, and more, out of my head and created something far beyond what I ever imagined.

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Big Picture Perspective

So, what does a brand strategist even do?
(spoiler alert: I don't design logos)

I help businesses to identify and articulate the answers to big questions about their brand's direction, connection, impact & value.

I also provide flexible, expert support to agencies, incubators & VCs looking to help level up the brands of their clients & investees.

I look at the relationships between your business & its audiences, its ambitions, goals, business model & market, its competition & opportunity to stand out & claim a territory to own.


I provide solutions that go beyond marketing to impact the whole business - Purpose, vision, mission & values; brand scope, scale & structure; team culture, stakeholder engagement & messaging.


I use strategy to tell stories - replacing dull jargon-ridden reports with concise, compelling solutions written in your brand language to make them more relevant, relatable and 'usable' in the real world. 



My most popular services are my initial consult (80 Quid Coffee) and my customisable brand positioning programmes (BrandFAST & BrandFOCUS). Besides these, I also offer a wide range of bespoke programmes, trainings & solutions and can operate on a flexible retainer basis too.

If you're not sure what you need, or whether I can help, just ask me.

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Bespoke pre-prepped brand consultancy in a bitesize chunk - for instant clarity, insight, direction & validation.​

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Fast, intensive positioning prog. for clients who need help turning existing insights into a compelling story.


Robust, research-led positioning prog. including consultation with external audiences, e.g clients


BESPOKE Programs, Training & Solutions

Covering challenges such as brand naming, architecture, brand culture, commissioning market research or outsourcing creative.

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pre-paid time plans

Pre-paid, discounted bundles of hours to give flexible retained support wherever it's needed within a fixed time period.

Work with me

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I balance big picture thinking with pragmatism and pace. I believe in process that is due, not over-done; in paying attention to detail without getting lost in it; and in never compromising on professional standards.


My way of working is also deeply co-creative. If you want a consultant who'll just whisk your brand challenge away and hand it back fixed, that's not me.


But, if you'd rather have an expert, thought-through response with a sleeves-rolled-up, "we've-got-this" vibe, then I'd love to talk...

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