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The Real Deal!

First off, I think life's too short and the world's too small to get away with over-promising and under-delivering.

For 25 years, I've worked in-house, in-agency and independently, in a dozen different countries for clients of all sizes and sectors. I've been a director-level brand consultant for 15 years, advising C-suites on every aspect of their corporate brands. I know my stuff - and what I don't know, I own. I never stop learning.


As a serial entrepeneur, I've also personally experienced the impact that strategic branding has on small businesses. I've learnt a lot of lessons and now it's time to share them!

What People Say About Me (to my face at least!)

Rachel is truly one of a kind, a total powerhouse that can direct business and brands big and small around all things; strategy, brand, customer experience and market entry.” 


PwC Partner and Chair of the Asia Marketing Society

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