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Bite small, learn now!

Need to know? Tight on budget? Short on time? Crippled by
Google overwhelm?

Bite off what you CAN chew,for just £99! 

BrandBites offer fast, affordable access to the insight & knowledge you need to solve the most common brand challenges facing small businesses.

Each 60 minute session includes 30 minutes of training and 30 mins of discussion dedicated to YOUR brand, so you can ask questions & make sure it all makes sense. Phew!

Time is money & no body likes overwhelm! So save yourself a heap of time, effort & angst! Book your preferred BrandBite session now for just £99!!! 

Understanding Brand

In my opinion, "brand" is one of the most over-used and mis-understood words in the English language. For 5 little letters, it has a whole lotta reach and it can seem as if the world & his wife "does branding".

But what actually is a brand?
And how is it different from branding? Any why should small business owners care anyway? 

The "Understanding Brand" BrandBite gives you the low-down on it all. Fast.

Naming Your Brand

There aren't any hard and fast "right" ways to name your brand BUT there's deffo a ton of "wrong" ways! 
There's no way of prettying it up - Brand Naming is a bona fide minefield... but it's one that I've learnt to navigate

The "Naming Your Brand" BrandBite introduces you to the different styles of brand naming, gives you direction on how to approach developing your own brand name and throws in a ton of tips and tricks to avoid getting blown up! 

Creative Crowdsourcing

Whether you're starting from scratch with a whole new brand identity & website or you're having a re-think of what you've already got... finding the right design partner can be really tricky.

Working 121 with an experienced, professional designer (either freelance or within a boutique agency) is often the most reliable way to get the job done well.  But if you don't have the £1-5K it typically takes, what's the alternative? 

The "Creative Crowdsourcing" BrandBite shows you the pros & cons of using platforms like fiverr & 99designs.

Tasty Feedback!

"Hi Rachel, thanks so much for the Creative Crowdsourcing session - you've saved me a ton of £££ and I've got much better results than I would have without your input"


Owner, Intern Circle

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