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Brand Bundles

Buy your business its very own 'pocket brand partner'
Ask me anything...
(brand-related, obvs

 BrandBundles take the stress out of seeking brand support.  

You just buy the time and then call the shots re the content.

Wherever you are in your journey, whatever brand challenge you're currently facing,
a BrandBundle makes sure 
you've got someone on your side
- someone who knows brand, who gets you and who's here to help (i.e. me).


Book your BrandBundle


  • Up to 4 hours of total time

  • Valid for 4 weeks from date of purchase.

  • Face value = £320

  •  Bundle price = £290 

  • Saving = 10%


  • Up to 8 hours of total time

  • Valid for 6 weeks from date of purchase.

  • Face value = £640

  •  Bundle price = £544 

  • Saving = 15%


  • Up to 12 hours of total time

  • Valid for 8 weeks from date of purchase.

  • Face value = £960

  •  Bundle price = £768 

  • Saving = 20%

How BrandBundles work... 

Like a great-value gift for your business!

The beauty of BrandBundles is their fabulous flexibility. Just like buying a gift voucher, each BrandBundle is pre-paid with a fixed expiry date based on the date of purchase. The price you pay, use-by period and level of discount depend upon the number of hours included in the bundle.


The content can relate to anything at all within my brand consultancy remit, including:

- positioning & competitive advantage,

- naming, messaging, personality & tone of voice,

- purpose/vision/mission/values,

- culture development

- creative support

brand architecture.


Depending on your needs, we can focus on one area in depth, or give more topline input into several areas.

If you're not sure how many hours you'll need, just drop me a line and we can work it out. You can always start small and buy another bundle if you need to scale up later.


I can work with whatever communication platforms you're most comfortable with. Previously, it's been a mix of Zoom, Voxer/Marco Polo, voice notes, whatsapp & email.  Face-to-face is an option for sessions of 2hrs or more but travel time/costs may be chargeable. 


Subject to my diary availability, calls can be scheduled anytime between 9am-5pm Mon-Fri. All time is logged in minimum 30 minute increments but you choose the cadence, i.e. how you distribute the time over the bundle period, e.g. regular sessions each week vs front-loaded longer sessions with shorter accountability or sense checking sessions later on.

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