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This deep dive positioning programme includes third party insight & validation to ensure your brand strategy is really robust. 


Covering all the same ground as BrandFAST, but in greater detail & depth, BrandFOCUS goes even further to include direct stakeholder consultation, e.g. with clients, partners or suppliers.

Target and arrow for BrandFOCUS positioning programme

Robust. Insightful.Focused.

The fixed fee BrandFOCUS programme costs just £3250 - including in-depth 121 work with me over 5-6 weeks AND third party consultation. I only work with one BrandFOCUS client at a time so ask now if this is a scope you're considering...


The standard BrandFOCUS scope comprises:

  • Detailed debrief (incl. your perspective on your business, market & audiences)

  • Review of up to 5 competitors

  • 121 depth interviews with up to 8 stakeholders (e.g. clients, suppliers, team etc.)

  • 4 x 30 mins co-creative worksessions (videocalls, unless local to me)

  • Draft positioning directions & core elements

  • 1 x 2-3 hour co-creative workshop for up to 6 of your team members

  • Storyboarding (inc. 2 rounds of amends)

  • Final PDF Brand Storyboard delivered.

If you want to change anything, tell me. Any programme can be customised to suit your needs - e.g. reviewing more competitors, interviewing more stakeholders etc.  Any changes to the fixed scope may incur additional fees. All timings are subject to availability.

Which is better for you?


BrandFAST works best if you're short of time & have already laid the groundwork  - i.e. you've worked out your business model, researched your market, profiled your target audience & have a good idea of how you compare to the competition. Basically, you've got the raw data but just need expert help knowing what to do with it and how to articulate it into a sensible brand strategy & compelling story.

BrandFOCUS brings next level insight, consultation & validation into play, with direct consultation with key audience members as well as a broader look into the competitive landscape. BrandFOCUS also takes a more co-creative approach, with up to 4 x 30-min working sessions to brainstorm & develop the storyboard content together. There's as much value in the process as there is in the outcomes!


If neither BrandFAST nor BrandFOCUS feel quite right for you, that's ok because there's always BESPOKE!  I can fully customise any programme based on the deliverables you need, your business context and the level of existing insight, skills and experience you already have to build upon.

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