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Welcome to BrandPack!

A super clear short course showing you
how to prepare your brand, your way
for destination Success!

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Travel planning

You're at the start of an exciting travel adventure! 

But you wouldn't set off without doing a bit of research first, would you? Sketching out a rough itinerary? Packing your bag with the right kit?

You know that upfront thinking and planning makes for a smoother journey and a greater likelihood of getting where you want to be.  Obvs! 


Well, your brand journey is no different, which is why I created BrandPack, a short course on brand strategy for small businesses wanting to embark upon their own big brand adventures!

This course is
          for you if...

  • You're interested in learning about big picture branding for small businesses but don't have the time or inclination to spend days Googling every brand guru you can find

  • You value a professional, expert approach but don't have the budget for working 121 

  • You're happy to learn independently, but want to be able to touch base occasionally to clarify or sense check something if needed

  • You like to dip in and out of different sections, without being forced to follow a flow

  • You like fun, engaging content that doesn't waffle on or waste your precious time!

Course content includes:

- Why your Brand Journey needs a big picture approach, and how to take it
​- How to
Map where you are now vs where you want to be
- Understanding your target audiences (are they really your ideal
travel partners?)
- How to express your Wanderlust - your motivation, inspiration and approach
- What your
Kitbag Essentials are - i.e. what your brand is, what it stands for and why it stands out, as well as your unique travel style
- What
Tools, or core assets, you'll need for the trip.

Key Course Features

Everything you need, nothing you don't: smart brand strategy essentials

Fantastically flexible! - work at your own pace to your own schedule.

Drop-in support via dedicated Facebook course community

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Taught by me, Rachel Vigers,

with 25+ years international experience as a professional brand strategist, storyteller, architect & guardian.

I've worked for clients big and small in a dozen different countries and across a diverse sector base. I've set up my own enterprises, from co-founding a marine conservation charity to owning my own hedonistic events business (because life's too short not to!)
I've been in-house, in-agency and am now independent, focused on sharing the lessons I've learnt and giving small businesses fast, flexible access to the type of powerful strategic thinking that big businesses typically enjoy.

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