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We got options!

Wouldn't it'd be fab if you already had the time, money, team and know-how to make your dream happen? Yup, and yet...

In the real world, something always has to give. And that's OK because, wherever you are on your journey, I can usually find a way to help....

121 Quick-Hits

My BrandBites 121 series is designed to give you fast, accessible insights into common brand challenges:

  • Understanding Brand 

  • How to approach Brand Naming

  • Tips for Creative Crowdsourcing

Each 60 minute Zoom session gives you 30 mins of knowledge & insight and 15 mins of discussion dedicated to your brand.  All for a very value-driven £99!

If you're not sure what you need, have an idea that needs testing out, or want to know how to approach a specific brand challenge not covered in a BrandBite, try my 80 Quid Coffee. Bespoke consultancy in bitesize chunks! 

121 Deep Dive

Mr BrandFocus 121 programme is designed for businesses who want to take a solid, professional approach to developing their brand, but who don't have the time or the budget to appoint a branding agency. It delivers all your essential brand basics - descriptor, differentiator, vision, mission, values etc. - in a value-driven process that is robust and results-oriented.  

For any other strategic brand needs - such as sorting out the structure of a family of brands, nailing your messaging (once your brand basics are in place), reviewing how your brand appears across your different platforms etc. - just drop me a line



  • BrandPack*

I'm really excited to be introducing my first DIY offer, BrandPack - a short course that will cover everything a small business owner needs to know as you embark upon your brand adventure!


  • The what & why of strategic branding

  • Your core brand elements: what, why & how

  • Which brand assets are essential to create

  • Key success criteria


The course is in development and due for launch end Q4 (Mar'23). To join the waitlist and make sure you're the first to know when it goes live, please sign up here.

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