Maximum Results,

I give small businesses fast, flexible and affordable access to the type of powerful strategic thinking typically only enjoyed by bigger businesses. From insight & training to customised consultancy, I'm all about levelling the brand playing field so you can enjoy fair advantage!


Minimum Fuss!

Insight & Training


  • Branding 101: what, how, why...

  • Brand Architecture: what, how, why...

  • Terminology tips: Brand vs Branding,  Marketing, PR etc.

  • Inside-Out vs Outside-In perspectives

  • Brand & People: attracting, recruiting, managing, training and keeping staff that "fit"

  • Brand & Place: creating a truly branded environment

Positioning & Messaging


  • Identifying your story - what makes your business unique

  • Defining vision, mission & values

  • Crafting brand positioning, personality and tone of voice

  • Tailoring key messages by target audience

  • Pitching ideas to attract investment, partners etc.

  • Writing branded employee communications

1-2-1 Consultancy


  • Brand reviews & healthchecks

  • Competitive positioning

  • Brand strategy & storycrafting

  • Brand growth & architecture 

  • Brand guardianship

  • Creative brief writing

  • Creative services procurement & management

  • Ad hoc "would love your opinion/advice on...."