From starting a new business to managing growth, hiring your first team to building team spirit, I take brand challenges out of the "too hard box", bringing new perspectives, fresh ideas, clarity of direction and sensible solutions that you can actually run with.



Branding 101: what, how, why...

The relationship between brand and change

Branding and business planning

Brand to beat the competition

Balancing inside & outside perspectives

Understanding target audiences.

Service & Culture

How brand shapes the service experience and delivery  

How to attract, train and retain staff that "fit" with your business

Brand as a performance enhancing tool.


Identifying your story - what makes your business unique

Defining vision, mission & values

Crafting brand positioning, personality and tone of voice

Prioritising key messages by context (supplier, employer etc.)

Pitching ideas to attract investment.


What's meant by a branded environment and why it's important

How to brief architects and interior designers more effectively

Putting your stamp on your workspace.


How brand influences product development - from concept and design through to distribution, pricing and promotion.

When, and how, to extend an existing brand vs create a new one.


Mapping out who to connect with, when, how and how often

Creating a visual & verbal brand identity - from name and logo to website and social media profiles

Managing creative suppliers

How to tell what works.


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