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Maximum Results,

I give small businesses fast, flexible and affordable access to the type of powerful strategic thinking typically only enjoyed by bigger businesses. From insight & training to customised consultancy, I'm all about levelling the brand playing field so you can enjoy fair advantage!

Depending on where you are in your brand journey, you many need support in one ore more of the areas below...

Minimum Fuss!

Insight & Training


  • Branding 101: what, how, why...

  • Brand Architecture: what, how, why...

  • Terminology tips: Brand vs Branding,  Marketing, PR etc.

  • Inside-Out vs Outside-In perspectives

  • Brand & People: attracting, recruiting, managing, training and keeping staff that "fit"

  • Brand & Place: creating a truly branded environment

Positioning & Messaging


  • Identifying your story - what makes your business unique

  • Defining vision, mission & values

  • Crafting brand positioning, personality and tone of voice

  • Tailoring key messages by target audience

  • Pitching ideas to attract investment, partners etc.

  • Writing branded employee communications

1-2-1 Consultancy


  • Brand reviews & healthchecks

  • Competitive positioning

  • Brand strategy & storycrafting

  • Brand growth & architecture 

  • Brand guardianship

  • Creative brief writing

  • Creative services procurement & management

  • Ad hoc "would love your opinion/advice on...."

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