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The power of positivity (in property!)


Lessons in Lettings


Real Estate



Context & brief:

When Sarah Walker approached me, she came with a loosely formed concept, a head full of ideas, a bucket-load of experience and a barrel-load of energy!

She explained that she was looking for a partner who

a) understood property

b) could help her sort out the jumble of ideas in her brain, validating her thinking, putting some structure around her proposed business model and crafting her brand story and messaging

c) was able to work intensively and at pace (Sarah had booked a 2 month walking trip of the Camino-Santiago Way starting in just 6 weeks and wanted her brand story AND core brand identity assets created before then!)

We did one discovery call and clicked instantly - we discussed methodology, pricing and timing on the call and she confirmed there and then. A great start that was early evidence of how this project was going to roll! 


Product & Process

Given the short timeframe, and the fact that the business didn't yet exist (so no clients, partner or team members to consult), Sarah chose my BrandFAST positioning programme (quick & intensive but still big picture) and topped it up with some additional co-working sessions. 

We used the Marco Polo app to enhance the speed and quality of our communication, 

EMMA ROWLAND, OWNER, Rebalancing You

"Rachel’s delivery style is really easy to understand. I liked the simplicity of everything - especially the 1-page storyboard that I keep coming back to to check I'm on brand."
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