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Updated: May 2, 2019

One of my small business clients recently described branding as a “marketing thing...  you know, logos and websites and all that”.  It’s a common misconception.

Your whole business

For just five letters, brand is a big word. Yes, branding is a “marketing thing” but it’s also a people thing, a culture thing, a product development thing... it's a financial thing, a workspace thing and a legal & risk thing and more. Basically, it’s a business thing - a whole business thing.

At its simplest, branding is about influencing perceptions - getting people to act, think or feel about your business in a particular way. That might be to buy your products and services, but it could equally be to invest in you, to work for you or partner with you, to fit out your new workspace appropriately, to give you a preferential supplier rate or to recommend you to others.

For the typical SME owner who is used to juggling most, if not all, of these balls singlehandedly - having a clear, well considered brand strategy that is applied consistently across every part of the business can make a critical difference to your sustained success whilst also saving you a whole heap of time, money and stress.

Nothing but the business

Just as your brand should act as a guide sheet to be referred to during critical decision making so should any decisions made about your brand be aligned with meeting specific business objectives. Branding is a strategic tool that can help you create financial stability, raise profile, build customer base, drive growth, maximise profits, secure secession planning, support an exit strategy etc. If you can’t clearly articulate measurable business benefits from taking a particular course of brand related action, then don’t do it. 

I advise most of my SME clients to forget what they think they know about branding and, instead, keep repeating the mantra "Brand = Business" and get on with building them both together.

So, where do you start? Well, you could do a lot worse than calling me for an 80 Quid Coffee experience - a bespoke brand and business advisory and mentoring service designed expressly for small businesses.

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I am a Strategic Brand Consultant with over 20 years' industry experience.  My mission is to give small businesses fast, flexible and affordable access to the type of powerful strategic thinking that big businesses typically enjoy. I've worked in a dozen different countries across two continents for clients of all sizes in all different markets. I've been a director-level consultant for well over 10 years. I've worked in-house and done agency.  On the side, I've set up my own events business, worked as a freelance consultant and co-founded a marine conservation charity. I've learnt a lot of lessons and now it's time to share them.

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