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Your brand, your way

Every business has its own challenges of budget, time & know-how.

And every business owner has their own way of tackling them: self-taught or outsourced, self-motivated or needing accountability... 

You know yourself & your business best so, whatever your circumstances, whichever your way, I'll work with it.

You can come to me for:

Specific solutions or General go-to advice 

Fully managed programmes or Flexible bundles of time

 Co-creative 121 ("work with me") or "Wind-me-up-&-watch-me-go"


I just want as many small businesses as possible to have the confidence and capability to do big things with their brands. 


Bespoke brand consultancy in a bitesize chunk - for instant clarity, insight & validation.

Prep, call & follow-upfor just £80 (one-time only)

Instant insight? 

Not sure where to start & looking for direction?

Done some thinking but going round in circles?

Have a plan/messaging in mind but would value a second opinion from an independent professional? 

My 80 Quid Coffee is the perfect place for instant clarity, direction and validation. My eyes on your business - in one session, with no downstream sell! Probably the best value coffee you'll ever buy...

Positioning essentials...

It's easy to think "I've no budget for strategy!" but the sooner you get clear on your basics, the better for your brand and your business.

You may be in a position to start off strong, or you may have already been in business a while but have realised that it's time to raise your game..


Either way, if you want to...

  • carve a niche you can truly own

  • develop messaging that really resonates

  • attract & keep the type of clients you want to work with

  • develop services that sell well

  • find creative that fits your feel

  • and end up with an untouchable competitive advantage...

Then you need to nail your positioning strategy. And I can help!


I offer 121 positioning programmes at both entry level and deep dive and am currently building a supported DIY short course too...

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Fast, intensive positioning programme for business owners who already know their markets & audience.

2 wk 121 programme for £960


Robust, research-led positioning programme including external consultation.

4-6 wk 121 programme for £1850

BrandPack (Poster)_edited_edited.jpg

COMING SOON! Short brand strategy course for savvy small business owners on a budget.  

Self-taught modules with Facebook support group.
Price TBC

What gives_edited.jpg

Practical, accessible insights to common brand challenges when you're getting started.

60 mins training & Q&A for just £99.

Brand Bundles (5)_edited.jpg

Pre-paid, discounted bundles of hours to give flexible support wherever it's needed.

Available in bundles of4, 8 or 12 hrs


Custom-made approaches for  brand challenges, such as brand engagement, brand culture & brand architecture.

Developing your brand...

So, once your positioning is fixed, what do you do with it? 

For start-ups, my BrandBites quick-hit trainings give you the confidence to tackle common challenges such as how to develop your brand name or work with a creative partner to design your logo, website etc.

Once you're set up & out there in public, you'll find that change is a constant - new products & services, new competition, new market trends, new team members - there's always something to plan for or adapt to. And I'm always here to support you.


Pre-purchase a bundle of time to have your very own pocket brand consultant on-call. Or talk to me about a bespoke project.

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How I work...

I'm a big believer in the power of co-creation.  

I will never know your business as well as you. But then, you don't have 25 years of branding expertise & aren't able to give an external perspective on your own brand. Together though? We rock!


If you're looking for someone to whisk your brand challenge away and hand it back fixed, that's not me. But, if you want an expert, considered response with a sleeves-rolled-up, we've-got-this vibe, well I'm your gal.

My kids made this rock for me - hope you like it:)

Speaker opportunities...

If you're looking for a speaker to talk all things brand to your audience, online or in person, give me a shout... (I'll even try not to swear!)

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What People Say About Me (to my face at least!)

"Rachel's delivery style is really easy to understand.  I liked the simplicity of everything - especially the one page storyboard that I can keep coming back to to make sure my brand's on track"


Owner, Rebalancing You

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