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When clients tell me "my brand is my baby", I totally get why...


You conceive it, give birth to it, nurture it through its first faltering steps and then do everything in your power to help it mature into a successful, responsible "adult" with a strong sense of identity and a loyal support network. Makes sense, right?


But raising a brand to maturity takes time, investment, insight, understanding, consistency, adaptability and commitment. Wowsers! So, that's why I'm here... to help you navigate the tricky developmental stages and to give you the support and advice you need to raise a brand that you'll be proud of.


First steps...

At the beginning of your journey, it's all about nailing your brand strategy - being crystal clear on the nature of your offer, the value it brings to your target audiences & how it will help you achieve your business goals.


Growing pains...

Once you're up & running,  coherence & consistency are key. particularly if you're working across multiple channels, growing a team or even building a family of brands to manage.


Flex & thrive..

As your business matures & grows, it becomes harder to avoid complacency & stay ahead of the game. As conditions change, you need to balance process and structure with the ability to flex and pivot if needed.

Change = Constant!

As your business matures, change remains constant.  Your brand strategy needs to balance structure with flex to support you as you face each new challenge.


Setting up a new business

Acquiring or selling an existing one

Changing direction or focus

Launching new products or services

Changing business model


Changing laws/regulations

Adapting to new trends

Tracking new entrants

Staying ahead of new competition

Expanding in new territories


Growing/changing your team 

Culture building

Attracting new partners/suppliers

Pitching for new investment

Targeting new audiences

Adapting to audience maturity

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