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Small business owners often say "my brand is my baby". They conceive it, give birth to it, nurture it through its first faltering steps and then do everything in their power to help it mature into a successful, responsible "adult" with a strong sense of identity and a loyal support network. I get it.


But raising a brand to maturity takes time, investment, understanding, consistency and commitment. So, I'm here to help you navigate the tricky developmental stages and to give you the support and advice you need to grow a brand that you'll be really proud of.

Concept & Research

& Planning

Prep & Launch

Adapt & Develop

Raising Brands...


At the very beginning of your journey, it's all about brand strategy - being crystal clear on what value your offer brings to your target audience and how it stands out from others in the same space.  I'll help you understand the relationship between you, your business and your brand and we'll identify your brand vision, mission, values and style (all critical to the design brief for your brand identity, website or work space).  Sort your brand strategy out upfront with my BrandFocus programme and it'll save you a ton of time and angst later down the line!


Once you're up and running,  coherence and consistency are where it's at. This is where messaging and storytelling really start to take hold, particularly if you're working across multiple channels. As new products and services develop, you'll need to be clear about your brand architecture or structure so you don't end up with marbles running all over the place! And, to attract partners, affiliates, investors or even start a team of your own, you may also want to look at brand presentation and culture (which is not just a big business thing!).


As your business matures, change will be a constant - be it changing market conditions (hello, Covid!), new partners or investors, a new business model or target audience, new products or services, new industry regulations and so on (you get the idea!). At these points, you should revisit your brand and make sure it's still on track. Whilst you shouldn't ever set out with a short term view on your brand strategy, it's true that brands do evolve and adapt all the time. If you think you might need my help as your business matures, just book an 80QC and we'll talk it through.

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