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Define. Align. Inspire.

First, fix your core foundations. Then, rally your team behind those foundations & make sure you have the right resources, tools & assets to bring them to life across every touchpoint, both inside and outside your business.

DEFINE: Fix Your Foundations 

Start by defining your basic brand strategy, the blueprint for your business' direction, connection, impact & value.

I offer 2 Core Foundations programmes - BrandFAST or BrandFOCUS - but can customise the scale of research, consultation, analysis & output to suit the needs of each client.

Typical Investment & Timeframe

Internal Alignment .png

ALIGN: Rally Your Team

Next, you need to align your people around your strategy, exploring how it applies to each department and function.

From a single workshop to a comprehensive programme of consultation, mapping, training & engagement, I custom create Alignment programmes to suit teams of different sizes, structures & levels of synergy. If required, I can also bring in specialist partners, e.g. in People Operations or Process Management, to ensure a deeper cross-functional perspective.

Typical Investment & Timeframe


INSPIRE: Live Your Brand

Finally, you need to make sure you have the assets, tools & support in place to really live your brand - resulting in an inspired brand experience for everyone involved.

During this stage, I act as a Fractional Brand Director, providing whatever support the business needs to implement the brand strategy effectively,  both INSIDE & OUTSIDE the business. Services include training, mentoring & accountability for internal staff as well as sourcing & supervision of external delivery partners.

Typical Investment & Timeframe


My style...

Rachel Vigers Brand Strategist Headshot

I balance strategic thinking with pragmatism & pace.


I believe in process that is due, not over-done; in paying attention to detail without getting lost in it; & in never compromising on professional standards.


My way of working is also deeply co-creative. If you're looking for a consultant who'll just whisk your brand challenge away & hand it back fixed, that's not me.


But, if you'd rather have an expert, well-considered response with a "we've-got-this" vibe, then I'd love to talk...

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